Our Story

As parents, we know how difficult parenting can sometimes become. Yes, there are thrills and a certain level of fulfillment which is associated with parenting. Like most parents, we like giving our kids the best. One way of doing this is by taking them to premium summer camps to enjoy their time and get an opportunity to interact with other kids. It’s also important to boost the cognitive skills of the kids.

But every time we commenced on finding an ultimate summer camp for our kids, we ended up feeling frustrated. It was difficult to sort out different camps to know which best suits our two kids, had to search for contacts from different places, and still, we had to confirm if the place was filled up.

We just got tired of all this manual and fragmented information which we had to gather from so many different sources. To solve this challenge, we decided to launch the Coral Springs Summer Camp. Here, you will get highlights of different summer camps, their contacts, hours, cost, and quality comparisons.

We just want to make sure that you don’t suffer the way we did before launching this platform. Our aim is to ensure that every parent in the City of Coral Springs has an easy time choosing the right summer club for their kid and gets value for their money. Feel free to browse the website for different offers, advice, and tips.

Why Us

Have First Hand Experience Upbringing Kids

As we have indicated earlier, we have two kids. We, therefore, identify with the pain points of being a parent and we are in a better position to give the best advice for you as a parent and also apply the same to our kids.

We are Parenting Enthusiasts

We just love parenting. You know those moments when you just let time pass as you build toys with your kids, play wild games, and jump around the house. Or still, spending time in the kitchen making tasty delicacies and letting your kid help you where they can. It’s just exciting and so fulfilling. I, believe, you are enthusiastic in bringing out the best from your kids. Join us, and let’s make the best of these moments together.

We Want the Best for your Kids and Our Kids Too

It’s easy to get drowned in work and other pressures related to this life. Despite these challenges, our kids need us. They need role models and parents who are physically available for them. We are simply committed to making this happen to our kids and your kids too.