Summer Camp 2019

This year G3 America Martial Arts will be hosting our all-new ”ALL AMERICAN” Summer Camp! Our activities and games will engage our campers in “ALL AMERICAN” themed challenges, games, drills and more while having a lot of fun!

This year we are, once again, raising the bar. Besides field trips, themed activities, TaeKwonDo classes, and more, campers will be able to choose weekly specials!

Summer Camp Sessions/Specials

  • JR Ninja Warrior
  • Soccer
  • Weapons
  • Dance
  • Olympic TaeKwonDo
  • Youth Strength/Conditioning Training.

Also, our campers will be introduced to community and sports leaders, who will come in as guest speakers sharing their life experience in pursuit of greatness, and most importantly, their walk with God and how it has impacted their lives and purposes!

We believe every child was made for greatness, with an unmatched purpose and unique gifts. Our goal, besides providing an amazing and fun time, is to build their confidence, faith, and understanding of what has been made available to them. We do this believing they can make a natural and supernatural impact in the lives of others, and live an outstanding and purposed life! Our kids are the next generation, and they carry an enormous potential to make great things happen!

It will be a summer explosion of awesomeness!!!

We are very excited!! Fun, challenges, leadership instruction, awesome field trips, and a whole lot more!! All while partnering with God to be transformed by His Love and having the best Summer ever!! 

Registrations are now open and spaces are limited! Call (954) 971-5233 for additional information and availability.

Summer Camp Registration Forms

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